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Why do I need a website?

These days the public expect most businesses to have a website. It is a convenient way for people to find information on your business and services quickly and easily.

A website provides information for your customers and you can save hours in time on the telephone and mailing out information. Make sure your website is planned properly and strategies are in place for advertising. When organising your website consider who your target audience is and prepare the content accordingly. Information should be planned carefully and should neither swamp, nor deprive the reader. If you fail to plan the main content correctly, additional features will look out of place or will require a re-design.

Always ensure that any details displayed are factually correct. Also make sure that professional liability insurance covers any work or service advertised via your website.

How do I make it successful?

A successful website should:

  • Be informative!
  • Be easy to use, attractive and professional.
  • Be advertised in many fields to let people know the website exists, for example, business cards, signs, letter heads, leaflets, etc.
  • Have planned keywords, descriptions and titles of individual pages to increase the sites ratings on search engines.
  • Have photographs and products advertised so clients can get a visual effect.
  • Use Company colours and logos to make it unique.
  • Use every opportunity you can to advertise your site for local and national awareness!! Once your site is up and running you will wonder why it took you so long to get your business online!

Payment information:

The payment structure is as follows:- We require a deposit before we can start work on your website. Your second payment then becomes due once you receive the first proof. Your final and remaining balance will be due one month after your website becomes live.


Do I have to pay for the domain name?

No. This is included within the package price stated. We will agree a domain name for you which we will then register and link to your website when it has been approved.


I already have a domain name, are you able to use it?

Yes, this shouldn't be a problem. If you want us to host your website, your existing domain name will need to be redirected to point to your new website on our server. We can do this for you (if you provide us with your login details) or you can choose to do this yourself if you wish.

In some cases, you may be required to contact your domain name provider (e.g. BT Connect, Pipex, 123-Reg, etc.), to redirect your domain name if your domain name provider does not provide the facility to allow you to manually redirect your domain name. If you received a username and password when you registered your domain name, in most cases, you will be able to configure your domain name yourself.


 Do I receive an email address?

Yes, we will give you 1 email address per page bought and it will be relating to your business web address, for example, if your domain name was ',' you will be provided with an email address of '' However this email address will only be redirecting to an existing email account that you provide us with - we do not host email accounts (also known as POP3). This means that an email sent to '' will be sent to your designated email account, such as or


How much will it cost to make changes to my website?

Once your website has been approved and made live on the Internet, you will be charged for changes. The fee incurred will depend upon the changes you require and the amount of work required. We charge at a rate of £20 per every half hour, so if you require extensive changes to your website, and it takes our designers a duration of 2 hours to complete those changes, it will be 4 x £20 = £80.

Judgment of the extent of work required for your particular change(s) and the estimated duration will be at the discretion of Sanderson Web Design and the designers involved in the construction of your website.


How do I make changes to my website?

Simply contact us with your changes. It is recommended that you have your web address to hand and a clear idea of what change(s) you wish to make. We will need to assess the amount of work that is required for your specific change(s) to give you a quote on charges.


What happens after my 1 year hosting is up?

When your year's free hosting is up, you will receive an offer from us to renew your website hosting for another year at a reduced rate - this is currently £50. You may choose not to take up our offer, but if you wish to keep your domain name registered by us, you will be required pay an administration fee of £50 for us to release it to another hosting company for them to host your website. If we are not able to contact you, or should we do not receive a response, it will be taken to mean that you do not wish to continue your hosting and your website will cease to function on the date that your 1 year's free hosting expires.