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your website performance analysis

Wouldn't it be great if someone would tell you why your competitors rank higher than you on the search engines? Well now they will...

One of our most well known and popular services is our website analysis service. This service allows you to see where you are going wrong with your website (No matter who created it). It is immensely comprehensive and covers 60 pages of A4 paper once completed. It works in the following way:


  1. You choose the key phrase and the search engine that you want to rank highly with.

    You tell us which keyword you want to get a top 10 position and you choose the search engine on which you want to have that top 10 position. This can be anyone you like,,, any of the hundreds of other local Google variations as well as Yahoo, Bing, their local variations and many other search engines.

  1. We analyse your web page and your top 10 competitors web sites.

Our experts will then analyse all the relevant ranking elements on not only your web page, but also your top 10 competitors web pages, as well as scouring the net for any links to yours and their websites. Once we have done all this we calculate a ranking score based on that information.
The higher the ranking score, the more likely it is that your website will be listed on Google's first result page.

  1. We tell you in great detail what you have to change.
    If your website does not have a 100% score, We will tell you in plain English what exactly you have to do to improve your web page and the links to your site. The advice will be tailored to your website, the chosen search engine and the chosen keyword. We will tell you in detail what you have to change and how you have to change it. We cover everything, titles, metatags, H1, H2, H3 headers, keywords, word density, inbound linking, internal linking, alt tags, literally... everything you can imagine.

  2. You (or we if you choose) make the changes on your web page.

Simply follow our instructions page by page until all reported flaws on your site are eliminated.

  1. In the last step, we run the whole report again for you, hopefully giving you a top ten ranking on your chosen engine.


That's it. No catch... No strings attached. If you follow our reports advice then your website will be listed on Google's first result page... OR YOUR MONEY BACK!

This service is available for any website at all, no matter who created it, so budding web designers out there can use our service to help them optimise a finished site.


£100 Per Page All In!

For this service we charge you a flat rate of £200 all in.

Just think how many extra products and services you will sell when you are on page 1 of Google!

Its well worth bearing in mind that we do all the above work for you as part of the service if we create a website for you from scratch. Now that's value for money!