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we guarantee that you will get a return on your investment from us utilising the very latest search engine Optimisation techniques on your website.
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not just another web design company...

We are a small, dedicated, family run Blackpool web design and SEO company, borne almost entirely out of an identified market niche. We create web sites using web design, SEO and social networking techniques that not only look good, but get you GUARANTEED results that you can bank!

Whilst an amazing looking, technical and flashy website is lovely to look at, you need to recognise from the beginning that the website is not really for "you" (the owner) to look at, it is for your customers to look at, and ideally, for people whom are not yet your customers to look at.

It doesn't matter how good, or even how bad a site looks to the eye, the act of actually bringing in business from it is totally down to how well it works, how intuitive it is and finally, but most importantly, how well it is optimised for the search engines, and that needs doing from the very first web page design, right down at HTML code level.


Always Remember:

  • An amazing looking web site is of no use to your business whatsoever if potential customers cannot find it when they look for your service with a search engine, and if the web design is not correct, or uses non search engine compliant technology, then they wont.
  • It is totally possible to build a great looking website that gets results, but it needs to be built and optimised properly from the ground up using search engine friendly measures, and in most cases that means technologies like "Flash" are a big no go area.

As a test of your own site... take a look on pages 1 - 3 of Google after typing in phrases that you think your customers may use to find you: Phrases such as: "Web Design Blackpool" or maybe "Car Tuning in Lytham"

If you are not listed on the first 4 pages then statistics prove clearly that you may as well not really be there at all as it is very rare a consumer will search any further than 4 pages. Be totally honest, DO YOU?

Ensuring your new website is well designed and on the first page of your chosen search engine is where we come in... Click here for more info.